Great, now our nation is under attack by memes. Carlos Almonte, the wannabe New Jersey Jihadist arrested last week on his way to Somalia, was previously Internet famous for his funny sign.

Feds say 24 year-old Carlos Almonte and his buddy Hamoud Alessa weight-lifted and played paintball in suburban New Jersey to train for violent Jihad. Obviously, two important skills for any violent Jihadist along with slamming the door in your parents' face and cranking Fall Out Boy when they piss you off. But Carlos Almonte was also skilled at being laughed at by the Internet. According to the New York Times, Almonte appeared at a protest in 2008 "holding a sign saying "DEATH TO ALL JUICE," with the word "ZIONIST" written faintly above "JUICE."

Someone took a picture of this and it soon became a funny Internet meme, complete with its own Failblog entry. Who knows if Almonte was in on the joke. The fact he posted it on his Facebook picture suggests yes. The fact that his former boss said ""This kid is not smart," suggests no. What's important is that terrorist groups are clearly intent on developing their abilities to "go viral".

That's not all! Almonte's buddy, Hamoud, had a cat named Tuna Princess, which he loved a lot—he even wanted to take Tuna Princess abroad to train in violent Jihad with him. But, according to the Times:

His mother said no, and they argued. When he headed to the airport, he went instead with a big bag of candy from his parents' deli. The F.B.I. seized the candy, his mother said.

Thank God. When LOLcats start attacking America in the name of Islamic extremism, that's it. We're done