January Jones' version of her strange car crash doesn't add up. Neither does Jodie Foster's version of her boy-hitting episode. Who's Tiger Woods' new blonde? Lady Gaga Sparks Mets Apology to Jerry Seinfeld. Saturday Gossip Roundup is an amateur detective.

  • This much is known about Mad Men star January Jones' car crash on Friday: She hit three parked cars on her way back from watching the Lakers game. After the crash, she went home and called celebrity chef Bobby Flay. Was she drunk? A witness said she smelled alcohol on her breath, and Flay says he saw her drink at least one beer. But police didn't give her a sobriety test; they said it was pointless because she could have drank when she went home. And Jones' rep says she crashed because she was fleeing paps: "There was no alcohol involved." What about Bobby Flay? He says they met earlier that night and gave her his number because she wanted some advice on remodeling her kitchen. Obviously Jones was so preoccupied with her kitchen remodel that she drove off the road, then called Flay to tell him about her new crazy idea for a rolling butcher block. Case closed [TMZ][TMZ]
  • Speaking of possibly paparazzi-related mishaps: Jodie Foster is still claiming the 17 year-old kid she attacked and scratched at a mall was a paparazzi. The kid's dad says "He's just a kid who happens to have a nice camera." This one may be lost to the mists of time, since the surveillance video has disappeared. In the end, the kid should be happy: He wanted Foster's autograph on a piece of paper. He got her autograph etched into his skin. [Radar][Radar]
  • Tiger Woods has been seen with some new blond woman. [Radar]


  • Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds are adopting an African baby from either Ghana or Ethiopia. [Star]
  • On Friday, Lady Gaga for some reason was hanging out in Citi Field watching the mets when she stripped down to her underwear and started flipping everyone off! authorities had to sequester her in a special luxury box to keep her from biting any children. But it turned out to be Jerry Seinfeld's box! Seinfeld was chill, though: The Seinfelds take an optimistic view of Lady Gaga's gesture as a sign that she wants the Mets to be in first place as badly as they do," said his rep. [Radar]
  • Megan Fox is interviewed by Zach Galifianakis (!) in the new issue of Interview. She told him that she says dumb things in interviews to "throw people off the scent of what's really going on in my life." Some powerful scent! [NYDN]
  • Rapper Kid Cudi was arrested for "felony criminal mischief" after throwing a woman's phone. He was also charged with possession of a controlled substance when cops found "a glass bottle of a controlled substance." Oh, that was just Starbucks' new cocaine frapaccino. [TMZ]
  • Who is the man in Real Housewife Danielle Staub's sexual tape? She is not going to tell. Somewhere in northern New Jersey, the manager of an Arby's heaves an enormous sigh of relief. [TMZ]
  • Hey, guess what? Christina Aguilera's sexy image has "an important message!" She told Company magazine "I think men love to believe that they own our sexuality, so if a woman represents herself in a sexual way, people think, 'Oh it must be for a man." She must think the same thing about terrible music. [People]
  • Porn star Jenna Jameson and ultimate fighter Tito Ortiz are not together anymore. [P6]
  • Raw sewage flooded Kelly Osbourne's LA home. Too many jokes here. Write your own! [P6]