Minnesota's lunatic congressmonster, Michele Bachmann, was on a little radio program this morning talking about our sinister president Barack Obama and she essentially asserted that he is the worst president ever. Then she threatened to karate-kill him. Oh boy.

In response to Bachmann's big statement, Twin Cities alt-weekly City Pages did a little approval rating breakdown and found that as far as those numbers go, Obama's so far doing better than Presidents Bush, Carter, and Reagan. They were all lower, and thus worse, right? And just think if we had approval data for that shantytown salesman Herbert Hoover! Why people threw turnips at him from the backs of their DeSoto automobiles as regular as clockwork! You couldn't find a Hooverville resident from here to Buffalo who didn't think him the worst ever.

No president can ever live up to Bachmann and her ilk's beloved old uncle moneybags, Ronald Reagan, who rallied from those initially low-ish numbers to leave office with a very high approval rating (like 60%). And that's where we run into a problem. Reagan sort of was the worst president ever, in certain ways? And yet those numbers... So, sorry City Pages, but the approval numbers don't actually mean anything when discussing the very important matter of which president is or was the worstest. What means something is that Barack Obama is meaner to British toxic pelican slayers than he is to his best friends, the hated Moslem Terror Fiends. And he says the word "ass." Thus, Worst President Ever. Hiiii-ya, Michele!