Since Tuesday, the world has stood dumb-struck at the victory of Alvin Greene in the SC Democratic Primary. He's unemployed, looking at a felony charge for showing a college coed a porn image and giving interviews. Inside, the best ones.

You'll notice that Mr. Greene adamantly sticks to his story that 60% of the vote wasn't a fluke and that his "good old fashioned campaign" explains the result. He also refuses to comment on the porn charge, though each interviewer takes a different tack in trying to get him to address that, and the possibility that he has been planted by the Republicans. Here is being interviewed and destroyed by Fox News' Shephard Smith (expounded upon here):

Here is his interview from last night's Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Though Olbermann is pretty subdued, the disdain is palpable (expounded upon here).

In this ABC News interview, Greene can't find a picture of himself as an adult, but gladly shows off his childhood photos and bronzed shoes. He also insists that he's totally ready for what comes ahead and looks stunning in a skin-tight "Greene Family Reunion" t-shirt.

In this long interview with the Big Picture, Greene explains that his unemployment benefits paid for the gas he needed to drive around the state talking to voters and presumably also paid the $10,000 filing fee, which he insists was paid with his money.