The parents of a 17-year-old boy filed a police report claiming Jodie Foster grabbed and shoved their son after he took her picture outside an L.A. mall. Spotting a celeb en route to the food court can be dangerous! Updated.

Apparently no criminal charges can be filed because both parties left the premises before the report was filed and it's his word against hers. As for her word, Foster's publicist says the kid was definitely a professional paparazzo and that she touched his elbow to pull him aside and ask him to stop. "He had a large camera bag and a 1000mm telephoto lens. He tailed Jodie and her young sons from the movie theater to valet parking. He crowded her and her children and took photos of them the whole time."

Yup, definitely he-said-she-said. Maybe Foster isn't a monster after all. Either way, we have a feeling Jodie could have totally taken him in a fight.

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