An unnamed Victoria's Secret model destroys a priceless work of art by rubbing her perfect body across it. Lindsay Lohan's assistant quits in a huff. Bethenny Frankel's mysterious first husband revealed. TGIFriday gossip.

  • Russell Simmons had a bunch of Victoria's Secret models at his house for a party and one of them erased part of a $100,000 chalk drawing by famed artist Gary Simmons. (No relation.) "One woman, who shall not be named, rubbed up against a chalk drawing. She didn't realize it had been intentionally smudged by the artist, so she took a cloth to wipe it, rubbing off a part of the artwork." Boozy floozies ruin everything. Now, the guessing game begins: Which Vicky's model got caught chalk-handed? Selita Ebanks was there, but she doesn't strike me as the art-smearing type. Chanel Iman has a ditzy vibe, though, and Miranda Kerr never seemed totally in control of her giant bubble head. [P6, Image of Russell with Playboy bunnies on Thursday night for illustrative purposes only. Guy gets around.]
  • Lindsay Lohan's personal assistant, Elinore, walked out on the job because she's "exhausted" from "bossy" Lindsay's demands. LiLo's assistants are also her whipping boys (the coke in her pocket during her DUI arrest belonged to her assistant, she told the cops) and their main compensation is the joy of being with Lindsay. Elinore reportedly lived at Lindsay's place and worked for her 24/7. Maybe she'll make like ex-LiLo-assistant Kate Major and date Lindsay's dad. [TMZ, Radar]
  • January Jones got in a hit-and-run: After she crashed her Range Rover into three parked cars and left the scene because "I can't deal with this commotion." The night before that, she hit-and-rolled-out-of-bed for a paparazzi-documented cab ride of shame. Poor January: Damned when she drives, damned when she cabs. [TMZ]
  • Dennis Rodman is $300,000 behind in child support, according to his ex-wife. Apparently his kids cost $50,000/month (!!) and he's six months behind. [TMZ]
  • An American Idol reject says comedian Dane Cook called him a "fucking faggot." Ian Benardo pulled a Kanye on Cook during the American Idol finale, bumrushing the stage, grabbing the microphone, ad screaming "Who cares? It's all about Ia Benardo tonight! I'm going to replace you Simon Cowell! No one has a thing to say about you, just me!" So, Benardo is not exactly a reliable source. [Radar]
  • Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel has revealed her super-secret first husband: Peter Sussman was her "best friend for five years," and "I loved him because of how much he loved me." Of course Bethenny would mistake the pleasure of a slowly inflating ego for love. [Life&Style]
  • Gary Coleman's postmortem shitshow continues: Girlfriend Shannon Price (who sold his deathbed photos) is petitioning to be considered Gary's common-law wife, abandoned reality show footage portrays Shannon as a greedy wench, and model train hobbyists are excited to bid on his collection. [TMZ, TMZ, TMZ]
  • Gymnast Shawn Johnson testified yesterday against a stalker who "showed her a knife," which scared her so much, she nearly pulled out of Dancing with the Stars. Robert O'Ryan is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. [TMZ]
  • Gossip Girl dad Matthew Settle was "inspired" by seeing Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson kiss at the MTV Movie Awards. Something about "huge growth." Ew. [P6]