Alvin Greene, the mysteriously unemployed, porn charge-facing, accused "Republican plant" democratic candidate for South Carolina's Senate seat, was interviewed by Shepard Smith this afternoon. And, in under four minutes, Smith basically put the nail in Greene's political coffin. Video inside.

During the interview, Smith calmly—yet forcefully—asked Greene questions ranging from his unexpected (and completely unexplainable) victory in this week's primary election, to the felony porn charges he's facing, to his involuntary discharge from the military, and more, with Greene basically unable to offer any sort of explanation whatsoever.

Courtesy Mediaite, here's a transcript of one of the interview's best portions:

Shep: You know what people in your own party are saying, Mr. Greene, that people voted for you because alphabetically speaking you were first on the list and that's why you got 58-59%.

Greene: Look, 60% is very decisive.

Shep: You know Mr. Greene, I like it, and you wouldn't be the first politician to ever work off talking points, but as I read today through the websites of all of the things that you've said every single word you've said to me of substance today is repeated….you're saying the same things over and over again in the same way you've said them before. Are they written down?

Greene: Well I get asked the same questions all the time, so I have the same answers for the same questions.

Shep: And to those who would say ‘I smell a rat' you would say 'stop smelling'?

Greene: Yes


Shep: You have a matter of a porn charge against you, how are you going to handle that?

Greene: I have no comment on that.

Shep: No, no, seriously sir, wait just a moment. With great respect, you are running to be a senator from the great state of South Carolina, trying to unseat an incumbent, you did so without campaigning, you have a porn charge against you, you're not going to tell the people of your state the details of those charges?

Greene: I have no comment on that.


(Thanks to Gawker Media video intern Erica Hyman for the tip!)

[Studio B with Shepard Smith]