Here's a trailer for Tangled, Disney's terribly titled Rapunzel animated movie musical. The look of the film is inspired by "The Swing," though it's rendered in cold 3D computer animation. This is something of a disappointment.

Mostly because the movie's IMDB page features some lovely hand-drawn stills that made us think that this could be the second Disney feature, after Princess and the Frog, to help wrestle animation out of the awful, emotionless robot claws of CGI and hand it back to, well, hands. But alas no. Supposedly the animators invented new technology to make the computer images look like hand-drawn stuff, but it's still not the same. Sigh.

Also, the movie looks kinda bad and the main dude is voiced by Zachary Levi from Alex Pareene's favorite show, The Chuck, so that's just... ugh.