Fox News' Chris Wallace called Don Imus' show this morning to discuss mean old Helen Thomas, and the possibility of Fox News winning her vacant front-row seat. Then he suggests that Fox News is right-wing! What a bad company man.

Fox News and Bloomberg are currently fighting to the death over the recently resigned Thomas' fancy, ideal chair in the White House briefing room, and a winner will soon be declared by the White House Correspondents Association, based on, what, a game of '90s-version Trivial Pursuit, or perhaps a PBR chugging contest? (If it's the latter, both will lose.)

Wallace says that if Fox News were to prevail, it would be "the final, sort of, payment for, for Helen Thomas," adding, "If this were to happen because obviously she was very far to the left wing and if her seat were to be taken by Fox News it would just be kind of poetic justice."

Apparently it is still, still not okay for Fox News personalities to admit that their network perhaps veers to the right end of the political spectrum, and Imus (god, do people actually watch/listen to this phlegm monster every day?) calls him out. The conversation starts around 2:40 into the clip.

IMUS: But what are you suggesting about Fox News then?

WALLACE: Pardon?

IMUS: What are you suggesting about Fox News?

WALLACE: Well, I just realized that's probably not the way to go on this. In any case.

IMUS: No it wasn't, was it.

WALLACE: We're fair and balanced. That's the point.

IMUS: Let me dig you out.

WALLACE: She's off to the left.

IMUS: Good. Why don't we dig out out of the hole you've just dug for yourself.

WALLACE: You know what the old line is. Just stop digging. So, in any case.

IMUS: By the way, say hi to Roger [Ailes] when he calls you. It's a little joke.

Ha ha cute. Hey but isn't this Imus thing on the Fox Business Network? Apparently they can say whatever, call out stuff that should be swept under the rug. It sounds like the better place to work, Murdoch-wise. If such a thing is possible.

[via Think Progress]