Today at Gawker.TV, Bradley Cooper's awkward interview with Morning Joe's Mike Brzezinski, Kenan Thompson and Reba share a stage during the CMT awards, and Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Fallon declare a Late Night Wars truce wearing Mickey Mouse hands.

Jimmy Fallon and Craig Ferguson Declare a Late Night Truce
The hosts residing in the 12:35 AM time slot took time out of their shows last night to declare a truce on the Late Night Wars using over-sized Mickey Mouse hands. Isn't nice to see them getting along?

Morning Joe Host Is Woefully Unaware of Bradley Cooper's Work
Mika Brzezinski discusses politics and current events with ease. Unfortunately, a pop culture expert she is not. In this segment brilliantly titled "Hanging with Mr. Cooper," Bradley exposes her ignorance.

Stephen Colbert Recommends a New Way to Remember Helen Thomas
Last night, Stephen showed us just how far "friend of the show" status extends; right up until you make a controversial statement about Israel. Here he suggests a new tactic the recently retired reporter might want to try.

Kenan Thompson Does His "Reba" Impression at the CMT Awards
When Kid Rock introduced Reba during last night's CMT Awards, the crowd was surprised to see Kenan Thompson walk onstage singing a country song, dressed in a green dress and red wig. That is, until the real Reba showed up.

Technical Difficulties Lead to Steve Doocy's True Costner Feelings
While going over the headlines this morning on Fox & Friends, Steve Doocy reacted to Kevin Costner's involvement in the gulf oil spill in the same way that many have reacted to Mr. Costner's films for the past ten years.