Countess LuAnn de Lesseps aural abomination, "Money Can't Buy You Class," continues to amuse. She performed the song on an LA morning show earlier this week. The station's interns laughed at her while she performed.

If you thought the video for the song was bad, wait till you see this latest embarrassment for the Real Housewife of New York. Not only did she sing and sway badly, but the station's interns—who'd probably been forced to dance along to the song and pretend like they were having a good time—seem to make fun of the whole number.

Poor girls. They took the summer gig so they could learn a thing or two and get a leg up on their classmates. And what do they have to endure? Countess LuAnn caterwauling her little ditty at some ungodly hour of the day.

[via Popnography]