South Carolina Republican gubernatorial candidates Gresham Barrett and Nikki Haley face a runoff after neither won a majority in Tuesday's primary, and their new ads are already rolling out! In this one, Barrett rather unsubtly points out Haley's rumored affairs.

Barrett's first post-primary ad here, "Shake Up Columbia," is in the style of some recent other ads, a cartoonish drill sergeant tries to determine if Barrett's a Real Conservative. Does he love war and no taxes? Good man.

South Carolina Republican primaries are terrifying.

Note, though, how the drill sergeant calls him a "Christian family man who won't embarrass us." Well who would "embarrass us"? Perhaps his challenger, Nikki Haley, the Tea Party folks' (and Sarah Palin's) preferred candidate, whom at least two people have claimed affairs with recently. Did they happen? It's not clear, and it doesn't matter! Gresham Barrett would never allow anyone to even think about making up infidelity claims on his watch, if he were governor.