Investigative reporters earlier this week firmly established the desire of today's high school kids to tap that. Could anyone object to this most basic expression of love, jealousy, and horniness? Sexpert Andrea Peyser will try to pretend she does.

The NY Post reported that the nerds at Stuyvesant High are posting lists of fellow students they would not mind tapping. Then I guess they ran on over to Andrea Peyser, New York's most prominent sex fiend, and asked her to pretend to disapprove of this, for laffs. Andrea gave it the ol' repressed try:

Deviancy has been defined down to the point where kids learn to sexually maim in the name of fun. Is this really what should be taught at the most prestigious institution the city has to offer?
Take it outside. This doesn't belong in school.

It would be kinda kinky to do it outside, like on the roof, or in Central Park...what? Oh. To be fair, Andrea Peyser does have a strong track record of publicly condemning hot, sweaty, dirty, nasty, bad bad drunken stoned raw sexxxy teen sexxx, all day and night, baby. Yes she does.