Today we looked at American Apparel's looksist hiring policies. One commenter witnessed this unfortunate phenomenon up close and in person.

From Mulatta:

I was in AA recently feeling guilty and buying a hoodie, when a girl whose style would be universally acknowledged as ghetto-fabulous came in and asked if they were hiring. The two girls behind the counter (who were very AA-modelesque, all bowling shoes and slouches and knee socks and limp hair), in unison, gave this girl a long once-over and then one of them said, "We're always hiring, but we don't have applications." There was another long pause as we all tried to figure out how to escape this moment with our dignity. Then Ms. GF said, "OK, so how do I get one?" and the AA clone said "Um, we do more like casting calls? Try Craigslist." And Ms. GF said, "You apply to AA by searching Craiglist?" And the girl said, "I guess." And then Ms. GF left and I handed over my debit card.

This experience made me wonder if supporting GAP sweatshops might actually be the lesser of two evils.