It's true. There will be a Bollywood Hitler movie. Also today: Idiot Paul Rudd's non-idiot sisters are named, everyone's favorite show has been renewed, that Superbad kid just keeps hangin' on, and a great new series begins.

Previously we told you about how Paul Rudd is going to be an idiot. Now we know who idiot Paul Rudd's sisters are going to be. Elizabeth Banks, Emily Mortimer, and Zooey Deschanel will play his siblings in My Idiot Brother. Rashida Jones, she of the bland and pretty likability, will play Deschanel's lesbian lover. Paul Rudd was in I Love You, Man with Rashida Jones, who is on Parks & Recreation with Paul Schneider, who was in Lars and the Real Girl with Emily Mortimer, who played an idiot's sister. Hollywood is small and repetitive! Seriously, though, this is a good cast. Minus the frequently annoying Banks. [THR]

OH THANK GOD. Oh god, thank you, thank you everyone. Everyone give each other high fives. Open that champagne, it's time. Breathe sighs of relief. Hug loved ones. Hug strangers! Just hug everyone. Kiss a nurse in Times Square. Today is a good day, the best day, the only day. Giuliana and Bill, the thrilling Style Network reality series about exciting couple Giuliana & Bill Rancic, has been renewed for a third season. Oh heavens, you listen. You really do listen. Thank you, blessed cow-priestess Io. You have given us such joy on this day, in the lord's year of 2010. [Variety]

There will be a Bollywood movie about Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. It's a romance! Obviously Dear Friend Hitler will talk about how he was a bad person and how she was pretty awful for marrying such a bad person, but there will also be romance. And Hitler and Eva will be played by Indian people. It is not a musical, which is too bad. But yeah. Bollywood Hitler Movie. Not coming soon to an American movie theater near you. [Times, via Vulture]

Sexy British actor Idris Elba has been cast in a four-episode guest role on Showtime's upcoming The Big C. He'll play a house painter who befriends Laura Linney. With sexy results? One hopes. But what I'm most excited for is the scene where Beyoncé and throws that white bitch Linney down the stairs for messing with her man. That's going to be so wonderful. [THR]

Here's a description of a just-picked-up-series called Common Law. Can you guess the network?

[Common Law] centers on cops Wes Mitchell and Travis Marks, partners at LAPD. The problem is Wes, a methodical former lawyer with a passion for cars, gardening and his ex-wife, and Travis, a maverick ladies' man who served time in juvie, can't stand each other. To revive their flagging professional relationship, their Captain sends them to couples therapy

If you guessed USA right after reading the title, you guessed right! This is a new USA show about wacky mismatched cops and the wacky things they do. Gooooo USA! [Deadline]

You know who keeps getting work? Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Yeah, the McAlwaysthesamein' kid. Next he'll play his character in Fright Night, a vampirish remake of the 1985 chiller. Mintz-Plasse will play a scorned nerd named Evil Ed who joins a vampire cult to spite his best friend. Toni Collette, Colin Farrell, and Dr. Who are also in the movie. Oh, and the creepy kid from Charlie Bartlett and stuff. Blah. [THR]