Are you an up-and-coming young musician looking to "make it" in the shoddy remains of the "music industry?" Well I hope you rap very much about McDonald's, Pepsi, and/ or Coca-Cola, the only remaining entities who can "discover artists."

I would be remiss as well as happier if I didn't point out for you this Ad Age story from Monday, which goes into a bit more detail about what you already know—namely, that you cannot "sell albums" any more to "make a living;" instead, you must find a corporate sponsor whose brand you can exhort in your lyrics, in order to receive enough money to buy food so that you can continue to "keep it real," with your music. McDonald's is sponsoring its own "music-media agency that aligns up-and-coming artists with campaigns that suit their style." "Mtn Dew" also does this. As does Coca-Cola. The world gets all of its music from ads, now.

Coca-Cola made a big splash with little-known artist K'naan last month. K'naan's song "Wavin' Flag," with the lyrics rewritten for marketability, is the centerpiece of its global World Cup campaign. Released last month, it's already No. 1 in China, Mexico and Germany.

Just insert your own depressing rationalization here.