The country's most expensive hotel room (outside of Vegas) is at the Four Seasons in New York. It comes with free room service, private butler, chauffeured Maybach, and a $120,000 chandelier. You can even pick your own toilet paper!

Good thing there are pictures of the Ty Warner Penthouse because you know you will never be able to afford the suite on your own. The thing occupies the entire top floor of the hotel, took seven years to design, and cost $50 million to build. Considering the balconies, views, art collection, library, and sinks carved out of solid slabs of crystal,they got their money's worth. (They don't even let just any maid clean this thing. They have to have special training on how to do it right. You just can't trust the help around nice things.)

Though the suite is only occupied a quarter of the year, it is never offered at a discount and its price went up a $1,000 since last year. There's nothing more luxurious than thumbing your nose at a recession.