Lindsay Lohan dodges a second warrant for her arrest by posting bail for the second time. A third Gary Coleman will surfaces. J.Lo makes a deejay repeat her song six times in a row. Wednesday gossip is in the doldrums.

  • The saga of Lindsay Lohan's slow descent into jail and/or madness continues: Last night, LiLo's booze-sniffing SCRAM bracelet "indicated the presence of a small amount of alcohol on Sunday night," the night of the MTV Movie Awards, according to Lindsay's lawyer. The revelation prompted a second bench warrant for Lindsay's arrest, followed by a second bail payment from LiLo's bondsman and a flurry of confused, enraged, cantankerous tweets from @lindsaylohan, who denied the violation and went mano a mano with the tabloid press ("liars") before returning to her True Blood countdown. (Stars, they're just like us: Distracted by TV.) If her SCRAM goes off again, Lindsay will have to wait for her July 6 hearing from a prison cell. She told Radar she's "working to get proof that I did not tamper with the bracelet or drink," i.e., tweeting desperately and waiting for her lawyers to perform a miracle. [TMZ, TMZ, Radar, image via Splash]
  • Lady Gaga went to her little sister's high school graduation in full-on Gaga costumery. Natali Germanotta is going to have the worst little sister syndrome. [DailyMail]
  • Jennifer Lopez threw a party and made the deejay play her new single six times in a row. When your career resembles the saddest scene in sad movie Casablanca, it's time to stop. [P6]
  • A third Gary Coleman will has been found. He had almost no money at the end of his life, but if ex-wife Shannon Price is desperate/ruthless/shameless enough to sell deathbed photos, she'll take what she can get. Speaking of which, she'd like to cremate Gary and "spread some of [the ashes] around some train tracks because trains were his hobby." [Radar, Us]

Willow Pinkett-Smith, 9-year-old daughter of Will and Jada, made a bold play for the throne of Most Memorably Attired Celebrity Child at brother Jaden's movie premiere. (He's the Karate Kid.) Suri Cruise and Lourdes Ciccone: You're on notice. [StarPulse, image via Splash]