When bros talk about bros icing bros, they're like, "Bro, you got fucking iced." But when the New York Times talks about bros icing bros, it's like "Drinking Game Poses Query, Who's 'Icing' Whom?" Ha, "Whom?" That's an icing, bro.

Let's see, we wrote about this on May 21, and The Awl wrote about it before us, and by that time, of course, it was already firmly established as a stupid, stupid trend among real bros. So the New York Times Internet Meme Pickup Lag Time Index, which has recently shrunk to as little as one week, now appears to be expanding back to its historic "well over two weeks" level.

Besides that, not a lot here that hasn't been said before about this important trend, but it does raise the point: It would be funny if some of you New York Times reporters started icing each other, bros. Send us some pictures and we promise to publish them (tastefully).

[NYT. Pic via. Oh, UPDATE: The NYT's City Room blog did link to a Runnin Scared blog post about BrosIcingBros.com back on May 19. Noted. Now send those pics.]