Today at Gawker.TV, Whoopi Goldberg loses it over the BP Oil Spill, the MTV Movie Award F-Bombs, tears on The Bachelorette, and Stephen Colbert tears off his sleeves and shows Obama how to be angry like a man.

Stephen Colbert Demonstrates How Obama Should Get Angry
Because "everyone knows it's the President's job to appear angry—otherwise we don't know what we feel," Stephen Colbert decided that it was up to him to show Barack Obama how to appear ready to kick some BP ass.

Whoopi Goldberg Flips Her Lid on The View Over BP Oil Spill
If there's one thing Whoopi Goldberg doesn't want, it's someone messing with her shrimp. Or so she said today on The View, during an angry tirade against BP for its perpetual failure to stop the Gulf oil leak. Video inside.

Jay Leno Welcomes New Band Leader Ricky Minor to The Tonight Show
On his first night on the job we found out that Ricky Minor is a great musician and that he apparently has a hot wife. Thanks for the heads up, Jay!

Every Aired F-Bomb from This Year's MTV Movie Awards
While MTV encouraged its celebrity guests to swear up a storm on stage, it was clear that the censor guys behind the scenes weren't as ready to bleep. Mediaite put together the swearing that made it on the air.

Today's Forecast Calls for Pansy Tears
Last night on The Bachelorette, Ali and her suitors starred in the new Bare Naked Ladies music video. The ever-sensitive Jonathan had trouble kissing Ali during their scene together and was brought to tears when heckled by the other guys.