So much has changed since Sarah Palin was governor. She raised a baby; her baby raised a baby; she made millions of dollars on a book. And at the Belmont Stakes this weekend, something else looked a little, um, new.

"Sarah Palin sure looks like she was trotting out some new work at the horse races," reports Wonkette, our favorite source for political boobs and bloggers. And in the Reuters photo offered for comparison, the great buoys of Alaska appear more bountiful than usual. However, detailed analysis reveals that, from some angles at the Belmont, the breasts didn't look quite so huge:

Images via AP and Horsephotos/NTRA, click to enlarge.

Sarah usually favors structured, bust-hiding outfits (probably to avoid this very situation) so it's possible that we're just not used to seeing her clingy shirts. If her chest has increased in size since '08, my best guess is that it's no more than a single-cup amplification.

Images via Getty, click to enlarge.

However: During the election Sarah's boobs would have benefited from a post-Trig boob boost. Now that her maternal bosom is gone, what is causing this new situation? Weight gain? Menstrual bloat? The never-before-seen combination of a padded bra with a flimsy tee? This tank top-clad appearance in April is pretty busty, too.

Images via Getty, click to enlarge.

And remember that Sarah was never flat-chested. Recall this picture of college-age Sarah, sitting cross-legged in the dorms in a shirt that says, "I may be broke, but I'm not flat busted":

No female short of a natural C-cup would dare wear such a shirt.

CONCLUSION: Sarah's rack is within the realm of natural possibilities. But if it were a plastic intervention, I would not be surprised. The kind of woman who wears t-shirts advertising her suppleness as a youth is also the kind who ends up fighting the slow southward sag of the middle age with breasts lifts and other acts of plastic violence. [Wonkette]