Debrahlee Lorenzana is about to cause a second financial crisis with her hotness: Allegedly fired from Citibank for being too hot, Debrahlee says new employer Chase may fire her, too, if she "keeps talking." If that happens, customers will rebel.

Hey-hey! Ho-ho! Our monies need Deb-Lo!

It's not clear whether Chase actually threatened to fire Debrahlee as punishment for doing media appearances instead of working, nor whether Citibank actually fired her as punishment for excess sexiness. Nor that the one person in this story is actually serious about yanking her cash from Chase if Debrahlee gets fired. We can vouch for one fact only: Debrahlee Lorenzana is hot. So, so hot. So every publication, website, and TV show in America has started reporting on this woman compulsively, as though afflicted with a case of sexy-photo-spewing Tourette's, and in response, at least one person who banks at Chase's branch in Williamsburg, Brooklyn says she'll boycott if Chase does anything to upset Debrahlee. Wet t-shirt bank run, anyone? [NYPost]

We append this story, as always, with a statement from Citi's Public Affairs coordinator Natalie Riper, because if we don't we'll get a crabby email from her:

Ms. Lorenzana has chosen to make numerous unfounded accusations and inaccurate statements against Citibank and several of our employees. While we will not discuss the details of her case, we can say that her termination was solely performance-based and not at all related to her appearance or attire. We are confident that when all of the facts and documentation are presented, the claim will be dismissed.


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