This oil spill thing has people heated! And BP CEO Tony Hayward… what a dickhead. Oh, but remember Goldman Sachs? That filthy rich, monolithic investment banking monster that basically destroyed the global economy? Yeah. Who do you hate more?

It's a good question, really, and it's one that I've discussed recently among friends. A good case can certainly be made for either company being the worst on the planet. Goldman Sachs employees must love all of the attention the Gulf oil spill is getting, because before BP stole the spotlight the folks at Goldman were some of the most reviled people in the world. Both companies are under investigation, both are making the world a shittier place, and both are headed by very hateable people. And all of this while still making a fortune. So before we forget how much we all hated Goldman Sachs just a short time ago, let's make some comparisons!

The Face of the Company

BP: CEO Tony Hayward
This guy just can't seem to do anything right. He's always saying the worst possible thing at the worst possible time. And that apology commercial that BP is running, starring Hayward? Bad idea, guys. But really, he's so sorry!

Goldman Sachs: CEO Lloyd Blankfein
This smarmy little bastard is so hateable on so many levels. During his Congressional testimony he smirked and grinned and seemed utterly stunned that anyone would even question Goldman's motives for robbing the country blind and dismantling the housing market one synthetic CDO at a time. Ah yes, "The Lloyd Face."

The Offense

BP: Destroying the Gulf coast, and all of the wildlife that lives there and the jobs and people who depend on it. They're making the Exxon Valdez look like a joke. And it's not even close to being over yet, with about 10,000 barrels of crude still gushing into the Gulf of Mexico every 24 hours. The Coast Guard is soliciting outside help, the cleanup will take years, and the area will never be the same.

Goldman Sachs: Destroying the economy. While you suddenly went from shopping for vacation properties and nice handbags to clipping coupons for baked beans and digging for pocket change in your sofa, Lloyd Blankfein was wiping his ass with your 401k and probably laughing about it. And let's not forget the "Fab" emails.

The Face of the Disaster

BP: By now, we've all seen the horrifying pictures of birds struggling and dying in a sea of brown sludge, or, as BP might call it, "brown gold."

Goldman Sachs: People's home values, jobs, and retirement money went straight down the shitter (or straight into Fab Tourre's wallet).

So here are just a few reasons for you to hate BP and Goldman Sachs. The list could go on and on, but you get the idea. Let us know what you think. Feel the hate!

[Images via AP, Getty]