Get yer picture of shirtless hottie Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau playing beer pong right here! Obama speechwriter with his shirt off playing beer pong with other shirtless bros! Marvel at magniloquent man meat!

Yes, one of the original Obama hotties has once again been caught revealing his inner bro. (Click to enlarge: YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.) Jon Favreau is the 29 year-old speechwriter who fills Obama's mouth with verbal ambrosia and uses this same sweet talk to hook up with celebrities like Rashida Jones and fellow Obama hottie, Maxim model/White House staffer Ali Camoverdi. Remember back during the campaign when someone uploaded a picture of him pretending to grab the boob of a Hillary Clinton cardboard cutout? Now FamousDC has posted this picture of a man playing beer pong shirtless—a man who strongly resembles Favreau (plus, check out that giant red arrow with his name on it pointing to him; why would it be there if it wasn't him!?)

Let us score him on the Bro-o-meter:

Beer Pong +10

Shirtless Beer Pong + 20

Shirtless Beer Pong Indoors: +1000

Shirtless Beer Pong Indoors While Wearing Sunglasses: + 1,000,000

"Favs": +140404040403332324234234234234234

Probably not the last time Favreau will appear on