In a Wired UK cover story, Dennis Crowley spikes his blood alcohol to 13 percent, hits six consecutive parties and hints he drank six glasses of wine in one sitting. Which helps explain the Foursquare CEO's slam against ex-employer Google.

Crowley sold Google his last startup, Dodgeball, a mobile check-in service much like Foursquare. It famously withered inside the stifling Google bureacracy, but Crowley has never dissed his former employer quite this hard:

Crowley says he found himself in what he calls a "shitty" work environment at a company that had a "hopeless social strategy".

Ouch. Impolitic, yes; booze-soaked, maybe; but this is also the sort of nakedly honest and human remark one hopes to hear from someone you've authorized to track your every movement. Plus we support drunken flames against tech leviathans on general principle