Yesterday's post on Surra de Bunda, a Brazilian dance move in which a female rapidly buffets a man's face with her rear, brought a wealth of new information. Chiefly: Surra de Bunda does not mean "ass licking" but "butt fighting."

Bunda means "ass" but surra, numerous Portuguese speakers tell us, translates more accurately to "pounding," "slamming," "beating," or "spanking." Commenter olafhumbert, a native speaker of Portuguese, explains the Tequileiras' signature Surra de Bunda song:

The lyrics are sung by a stripper, and are addressed to a guy watching the show, and she's contemptuous of him. She calls him "safado," (presumptuously raunchy) and she says, disdainfully, that he's thinking this is all real easy, watching her butt. Well, now that he's blotto ("chapado") on tequila, the stripper is going to take her revenge. She's going to spank him with her butt. ("Bate com a bunda, bate, bate…")

AreaMan offers a line-by-line exposition. Though many Brazilians and Brazil-dwellers wrote in to tell us they had never seen or heard of the Surra de Bunda (and the few who had said it's "not like a normal dance in Brazilian night clubs") a few people said they experienced the singular joy of having your face pummeled by the plush ass of a pear-shaped stripper at various non-Brazilian locales, like Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Las Vegas.

The greatest revelation of all, though, was this one from commenter thatcoolguyben, AKA "Big Ben" Mills, Peaches Geldof pornographer, suspension artist, and Williamsburg fameball extraordinaire:

I'm in Brazil right now and have yet to see this, but I will now begin the search.

Thank god. Hey Ben—send us your Surra de Bunda pictures! Especially if you find a bottom-heavy celebrity heiress to Surra de Bunda you.


Hot New Dance Craze: Slamming Your Butt Into Someone's Face