The new status symbol for hedge funders and corporate tycoons: feminine bracelets worn on their wrists next to their expensive watches. It's an "I'm so insanely rich, I get to break the rules" kinda thing, apparently.

According the Financial Times, master of the universe types like hedge fund manager Arki Busson (who has sex with Uma Thurman) and advertising agency CEO Sir Martin Sorrell are now rocking bracelets on their left hands. They're not the only ones. And the accessories range from the friendship bracelets that fat girls with bad skin used to knot in homeroom to silver and leather luxury goods made by the likes of Hermès. Why are they doing it? Apparently it announces to the world, "I have a lot of money and I own my own company, so I can wear whatever I want." It's for the man who doesn't have to play by the rules because he makes up his own. Or it could convey something totally different. Like, "I'm an image-obsessed narcissist who would trade in all the trappings of success to be a backpacking undergraduate in Prague again because that was the only time in my life I knew joy." Take your pick.

[Image via SilverkBlack/Shutterstock]