Embarrassed because you ate a whole cake and then murdered someone while on a bizarro Ambien sleepwalking binge? Well, blush no more. At least you don't have sleep sex! A new study sheds some light on a troubling phenomenon: Sexsomnia.

While not terribly widespread — of 832 sleep disorder sufferers, 7.6% reported incidents of initiating sex while asleep — it is still somewhat troubling. Sexsomnia sufferers don't remember taking a dreamy trip to Bustanutville, they're just informed later by irate (and, in all seriousness, probably frightened) partners. There was a Law & Order: SVU about this, though they called it Sleep Rape. And then the rest of the episode was actually about Second Life, not Sleep Rape. It was maybe the most ridiculous episode of the show, ever? Anyway. The men in the study were far more likely to sleep-sex than women, 11% compared to 4%. Really? Usually when husbands want to have sex, it's the wives who go to sleep! Right fellas??*

Anyway, the study doesn't mention the seemingly aggressive nature of such an act, so maybe it's just like, "Oh honey, that was good sex we had last night." "What? We had sex?" "Of course we did! What, were you asleep during the sex?" "I guess I was!" And then the audience claps and the weirdest episode of Family Ties ever has ended.

*Joke credit goes to Hamilton Nolan.