In your Newsweeky Monday media column: the latest on the secret rumored alleged unknown bidders for Newsweek, suggestions for Newsweek's future success, Michael Isikoff leaves Newsweek, and Tim Cahill's having a rough time, Newsweek notwithstanding.

  • Fate of Newsweek update: nothing solid to report! But Howard Kurtz says that in addition to the collection of wackos like Newsmax that formally bid last week, "a number of other substantial suitors — both corporations and wealthy individuals [ed. note: Jesus?] — have formally expressed interest as well." Oh, that would be nice! And David Carr has a list of suggestions for Newsweek, which amount to, "be less Newsweek-y."
  • Ha, and just as Carr advises Newsweek writers to spend less time pontificating on television, Newsweek's top investigative reporter, Michael Isikoff, announces that he's leaving the magazine to take a full time job at NBC News. Now he can pontificate on TV all he wants, so there.
  • Or perhaps Newsweek should take a cue from Sactown magazine, which has a scratch-and-sniff orange on its current cover. Newsweek? Have you considered this? Scratch-and-sniff? Well?
  • Agh, this is so god damn sad: Tim Cahill, awesome author, travel writer, and cofounder of Outside magazine, says this in a new interview:
  • I haven't mentioned this, and I don't want to sound all poor-pitiful me "... But I really did work pretty hysterically for about 40 years, traveling all the time, and it's hard on your relationships at home. And I finally started going places with my wife, less dangerous places, doing more thoughtful stories. And she was killed in an auto accident two years ago, April 28. A one-car rollover. And I haven't done much good writing since.

  • Well. He's done a lot of good writing already.