A study that has been following children raised by lesbian parents for the past 24 years has concluded that not only are the children healthy, they're generally smarter, nicer, and better behaved than those raised by male-female couples.

The results of the U.S. National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study were published today in Pediatrics magazine and found that "daughters and sons of lesbian mothers, all conceived through donor insemination, were rated higher than their peers in social, academic, and overall competence, and lower in aggressive behavior, rule-breaking, and social problems, on standardized assessments of psychological adjustment." While there have been many studies about the children of gay and lesbian parents, this is the first one to follow children from conception through adolescence. So, you can play Mozart for your baby when it's in the womb, you can get him/her into that fancy pre-school, and you can enroll the kid in all the extra-curricular activities you want, but until there is some girl-on-girl action involved, your offspring will probably be inferior.

[Image via Benis Arapovic/Shutterstock]