Did Jesse James turn Sandra Bullock into a lesbian? Or was it Scarlett Johansson's singular hotness? Gary Coleman death photos for sale. Lindsay Lohan explores exciting new ways to hide her SCRAM bracelet. Monday gossip is the best revenge.

  • Sandra Bullock is back and lesbian-kissing all over the place. (Shades of Miley Cyrus?) At last night's MTV Movie Awards, Sandy said it's time to "go back to normal." We're even welcome to make fun of her, again. When Sandra accepted MTV's Generation Award, the crowd leapt to its feet, because there is no woman more popular than a woman whose husband banged half a dozen neo-Nazi strippers. As she pondered at Saturday's Spike TV Guys' Choice awards, "Let's be honest... did I win this because of the spectacular I.E.D. explosion that became my personal life?" Anyway, Sandy's MTV speech was funny and endearing—and then, for no apparent reason, Scarlett Johansson showed up, had an awkward flirty interlude, and kissed Sandra on the lips. Scarlett Johansson: Your go-to gal for jealous exes and turning straight women into lesbians, in case the straight male scourge that is Jesse James didn't ruin men for you, already. [Popeater, Us, images via Getty Premium]

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  • Also onstage kissing: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, who won Best Kiss. They're so much more attractive when their faces are attached to each others'. Don't ever break up, Robsten. [Us]
  • Other notable MTV appearances: Lindsay Lohan, hiding her booze-sniffing SCRAM bracelet under a loose-legged jumper. Tom Cruise cavorting with J.Lo in his Les Grossman get-up. [E!]
  • Gary Coleman's death circus is getting ugly: Someone is shopping a series of photos of him dying and dead in his hospital bed, before and after ex-wife Shannon Price pulled the plug. Eeshies. Asking price is "low five figures." [TMZ]
  • Meanwhile, Gary's parents suspect "foul play." [DailyMail]
  • As she claws her way out of bankruptcy, celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz is learning how to clip coupons and shop for bargains. She recently bought four Eames chairs at a cut-rate price below the usual $8000. When Page Six called to ask how big the discount was, her publicist said she was returning them. Annie Leibovitz: Shopping addict? [P6]
  • J. Lo and Marc Anthony are renewing their vows for their sixth anniversary and tucking a housewarming into the event while they're at it. Don't they know you're supposed to drag each event out separately, for maximum attention? Anyway, the invitations are cute and use their married last name: Muniz. [People]
  • "The best accessory in the world," says designer and host of Carla Bruni raunch Jean Paul Gaultier, is "the condom." [P6]
  • Simon Cowell smuggled a bottle of Sapporo into a posh restaurant after the BAFTAs. This makes him sound like a cheapskate, but apparently he merely "prefers the yeast-free beer, and keeps a crate of it in his car at all times" owing to a food allergy. [DailyMail]
  • Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen's embattled and battered estranged wife, has hired publicist to the comeback kids Elliott Mintz, who orchestrated Paris Hilton's post-jail comeback. "My best friend Rebecca Gayheart" also takes some responsibility for Brooke's big debut. Previously forgettable scandal-plagued women of Hollywood, unite. [E!]