Brazil, home to the world's most celebrated butts, has invented a new dance move. It's called the Surra de Bunda ("ass licking") and it involves hooking your feet over a man's shoulders and sledgehammer slamming your butt into his face.

Surra de Bunda-ing begins about 30 seconds in. Video is NSF most workplaces. Dance move is NSF bar mitzvahs.

Without the aid of a Portuguese speaker or native Surra de Bundan, my best understanding of the Surra de Bunda is thus: It was either invented or popularized by Pussycat Dolls-esque singer/stripper/waitresses called Tequileiras. The job of a Tequileira is to wear sexy clothes while dancing, singing, and pouring tequila into people's mouths at nightclubs and other testosterone-driven hotbeds of oversexed ribaldry. Tequileiras' favorite song is "As Tequileiras do Funk (Surra de Bunda)," a jaunty tune to which they perform the "hot rhythm of the dance."

"Surra de Bunda" translates to "ass licking," says Google Translate.

There are dozens of videos of Surra de Bundas on YouTube. Buzzfeed recently compiled a selection of them. Nobody there seems to understand what the heck this phenomenon is, either. Is this a dance move or a sex act that we are witnessing? It appears to have migrated to non-hetero, less-bootylicious groups as well:

If you know more, understand Portuguese, or have witnessed a real, live Surra de Bunda-ing, please make yourself known in the comments. We must unlock the secrets of this mysterious, raunchy dance craze. One butt-to-face slam at a time. [Buzzfeed, Slog via John Thompson in: Are You There God? It's Me, Danzig]