Everyone knows Jews are the Chosen People. By God! But now they are chosen by Sarah Palin. She's rushed to Jews' defense in response to Helen Thomas' dumb suggestion that Jews in Israel "go home" to Germany and Poland. Hallelujah!

Helen Thomas has apologized for saying those things. But that is not good enough for Sarah Palin. She tweeted:

Oh, so now Sarah Palin is calling other people racist! [Googles "Sarah Palin" + Racist]. This from a woman who, on hearing that Barack Obama had won the Democratic primary, (allegedly) said ""So Sambo beat the bitch"; whose ghostwriter finds interracial dating "revolting"; who complains about the lamestream media calling her Tea Party people "racists."

Eh, whatever. It was a really dumb thing for Helen Thomas to say. (See, we can't even make a joke about her being a "racist old woman" now because Sarah Palin ruined it!)

Update: Helen Thomas has been fired! From the speaking agency that represents her. Nine Speakers, Inc. has dropped Thomas from their roster after she made those controversial remarks about Jews. It's obviously a conspiracy... of people who don't like dumb things.

(via Mediaite)