The final episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey began with a tour of Teresa Giudice's $1.5 million mansion. Now she and her husband owe about ten times that much to various people.

According to the New York Post, Teresa and her husband Joe owe $10,853,648.04. That is a lot of money for anyone to owe, but it is especially a lot of money to owe if you only make $79,000 a year like the Giudices. (Plus $120,000/year in "assistance" from family members. Nice family.) This is some championship-level over-spending.

How does one rack up debt the size of a small country's GDP? The Guidices have a total of $104,000 in credit card debt; they owe $2.6 million in mortgages on three homes; their fertility treatment bill is $12,000, plus owe $5.8 million for "business investments". (Legitimate business investments, of course.)

(via Gothamist)