Hottie banker Debrahlee Lorenzana, who says Citigroup fired her for being too hot, really was quite hot, reports the New York Daily News, which joins the scandal of Debrahlee's hotness with eyewitness testimony. And another gallery of sexy pictures.

Whereas the Village Voice explored how Debrahlee's hotness affected her relationship with co-workers, the Daily News investigates the stupefying effect it had on customers:

"I would walk the extra few blocks just to go to this one to see her," said publicist Matt Saulk, 36, who favored the Rockefeller Center branch where Lorenzana worked…

"Whew, she was a hot one," said [paralegal Harold] Mack, 26. "I'm sad she's gone, but she did stick out. I know she distracted me whenever I came into the bank."

"Male customers would often stare," said Jessica Ramos, 29, who works in advertising. "It was rather funny, actually."

Like the Voice before it, the News had no choice but to append this article with a gallery of photographs documenting Debrahlee's hotness, half of which are never-before-seen outtakes from the sexy portrait session provided to the Voice.

The beleaguered Citigroup publicist assigned to this story would like to reiterate that hotness had nothing to do with Debrahlee's hot-like-fire firing. Or so they say. We'll probably need to review another sheaf of sexy photographs before we decide.