You know those legends about pocket Bibles stopping bullets and saving soldiers' lives? We should all abandon Jesus and worship at an altar of rubberized gardening clogs, because Crocs just saved a three-year-old boy from death by electrocution.

British toddler Harley Sutton-Dormer was wandering through a puddle in a poolside changing room when he picked up a hair dryer and, according to his mother,

A bright blue bolt of electricity went down his arm and shot out his side. It was awful, he was screaming in agony and shaking.

The T-shirt and jumper he was wearing are charred and he's got an exit burn on his side about the size of a five pence piece. The whole thing has left him in shock.

The paramedic said he was really lucky he was wearing Crocs shoes at the time as they stopped the electricity going through his legs and coming out of his feet and probably saved him from serious injury.

Fashion disasters save lives. [Telegraph, image via Getty]