Rush Limbaugh is getting married in a super-secret ceremony at his Palm Beach mansion on Saturday. We wanted to wish him well. So we rented a banner-toting plane to fly over his house during the event. What should it say?

Sound the church bells! Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, 59, is marrying his 33-year-old girlfriend Kathryn Rogers in Palm Beach this Saturday. He's said some nice things about Gawker in the past, so we wanted to wish him and his betrothed a lifetime of happiness. But Rush is not inviting members of the media to the event for some reason. So we came up with a work-around and rented one of those big airborne billboards to fly down the coast—and over his house—during the wedding.

Now we need your help in coming up with a pithy slogan to share with Rush, his bride-to-be, and the assembled guests. Submit them in the comments, please!

Update: The wedding is over! Here's the winning submission, 15 runners-up, and photos of the plane flying over the hotel and Rush's house.

A few important guidelines:

  • Don't curse. We know Gawker commenters are expert swearers. But no profanity, please. The pilot has made it clear to us that he doesn't take kindly to that sort of thing.
  • Be brief. The message can be no longer than 45 characters (Not words). Spaces count. This is about 1/3 of a tweet.
  • Be clever. Remember, we rented a plane for this. Cheap shots and pure meanness is not going to cut it.
  • Act fast. You have until 11:00AM 12:00PM to submit your suggestion. Then we will pick the one we like the best and hand it over to the aviation company so they assemble the banner. The winner will be propelled to instant immortality, their message emblazoned across the brilliant Palm Beach sky as Rush and Kathryn start their lives together below.

Good luck! Update: We've picked a winner and the contest is over. Update x2: The winning submission, 15 runners-up, and photos of the stunt are here.

Bonus: A Tour of Rush Limbaugh's Palm Beach Estate

[Photos of Limbaugh and Rogers via Getty Images]