In your disputatious Thursday media column: M.I.A. wins an editor's note on her New York Times profile, Le Monde needs a rich friend, two high-profile retirements, and Nate Silver is moving up in the world.

  • The latest on the M.I.A. vs. NYT slapfight: The paper has appended an editor's note to Lynn Hirschberg's profile. But the note only addresses the fact that Hirschberg cobbled together separate quotes into one longer quote without noting that fact. Which is actually a very bad thing to do! Left unaddressed, however: the case of the truffled french fry. So the war shall continue!
  • Le Monde, France's greatest newspaper, is broke, because it's a newspaper. Now it needs an outside investor to come in and take control. Which will be a big change for the socialist reporters who own the joint the now, but trust us, guys, you do not want to own a newspaper these days.
  • Job moves in the news: Simon & Schuster publisher David Rosenthal is leaving the company. And Architectural Digest editor in chief Paige Rense Noland is retiring after nearly 40 years.
  • And, in movings-up in the world: everyone's favorite statistician, Nate Silver, has been scooped up by the NYT (sort of). will start hosting Silver's, in much the same way it hosts the Freakonomics blog. Nate Silver will also become "a regular contributor to the newspaper and the Sunday magazine," hopefully writing purely in code.

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