The paperback edition of Paula Froelich's bestselling novel Mercury in Retrograde came out this week. She's celebrating by hanging out in the comments section of this post and suffering the indignity of answering your questions. Ask her anything!

That's right, Paula is going to be chatting with you here for the next hour or so. If you have a question for her, leave it in the comments section below and she may reply.

So, what should you ask Ms. Froelich? You might ask her about how she went from financial reporter to fearsome gossip reporter at the New York Post's storied Page Six column. You might ask her about all the stories and scandals she covered during her decade there, or how it felt to leave last summer. You might ask about her young adult novel, Grits, or the TV series that MTV is planning to turn it into. You might ask about her gig blogging for the Sundance Channel website. You might ask her about her beloved dog Karl. Or ask about her novel!

Mercury in Retrograde, which came out last summer, is the story of three women who get to know each other when they move to same building. (It's the same Soho building that Froelich herself inhabits.) She says the three main characters—a former reporter, a cut-off socialite, and a divorced corporate attorney—are all composites of herself. But the book is also littered with figures that might be familiar to anyone who regularly reads the gossip pages (such as a publicist who runs over a bunch of people with an SUV). We know you were too cheap to buy the hardcover when it came out last year. So if you haven't read it already, you can now buy the paperback.

Paula will be joining the comments in a few minutes. Ask her anything. But please, everyone, let's behave in front of the company, shall we?

Update: Paula has left the building! That means she won't be taking any more questions. Check out the thread below and check out Paula's sassy answers to some excellent questions provided by our readers.

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