Gary Coleman's wife, who pulled the plug, secretly divorced him years ago. Rob Pattinson frets about typecasting. Lindsay Lohan's cops spilled her coke on the floor. Gummi Bear returns. Thursday gossip is back from the dead.

  • Gary Coleman's lawyer has come forward because Coleman's wife—who pulled the plug on the actor and let him die last week—wasn't actually his wife, but his ex-wife. Shannon Price called 911 after Coleman's fatal fall, hyperventilating, "I'm gagging. I've got blood on myself. I can't deal," and refusing to check on him because "I don't want to be traumatized right now." Turns out the couple secretly divorced in 2008, around the time they aired their dirty laundry on Divorce Court, but stayed in a relationship. This "raises the issue of the appropriateness of her making the decision to take him of life support," according to his lawyer. But the hospital says it was fine because he signed an order saying she could do it. Point being: Gary Coleman may be dead, but his crazy lives on. [NYDN, TMZ, E!]
  • Robert Pattinson is "frightened to death that for the rest of his career he will be known as Edward Cullen." That bird may have already flown. [NBN second item]

Mere hours after the British press revealed "The Clean Cut New Boyfriend Who May Tame Amy Winehouse," Amy went out partying, stumbling around central London until 5AM with her inflatable breasts popping out of her shirt, snarling and rubbing her bleary, dilated eyes and kissing fans on the mouth. Moral of the Story: Until Amy is tucked away in a convent, weaving tapestries and subsisting on healthy substances like organic kale, don't bother reporting she's been "tamed." You will be proved wrong in no time, flat. [DailyMail, DailyMail, image via Splash]

  • As we wait for the next installment in the Lindsay Lohan Probation Story, TMZ digs up weird details from the 2007 DUI arrest that started this whole mess. After finding half a gram of cocaine in Lindsay's pocket, the cops spilled it all over the floor of Santa Monica jail. Do they do that on purpose just to get a rise of their cokehead prisoners? Anyway, LiLo said it was someone else's yayo (an assistant "may have set me up") and "I don't do drugs," but then her pee tested positive for coke, and the rest is history. [TMZ, TMZ]
  • Matt Lauer's ex-wife Nancy Alspaugh—who told the press he's cheating on current wife Annette Roque—is working on a tell-all book. Prediction: Tequila body shots off Al Roker. [ShowBizSpy]
  • The sad ballad of Speidi plays on: While Heidi Montag contemplates fake divorce in the name of staged paparazzi pics and a new reality show, Spencer Pratt has grown his flesh-colored beard long and is wandering Hollywood dressed as a hobo, "hiking" (wearing an outdoorsy outfit while drinking a frappuccino) and contemplating how he would support himself without his meal ticket wife. [TMZ, Jezebel]
  • People are "concerned" about Bethenny Frankel, who lost 29 pounds of baby weight in three weeks. And the baby was only four pounds, so that's 25 pounds of body-shrinking in three weeks or [calculator beep beep boop] 1.2 pounds per day. [P6]
  • Hollywood heir Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis is ba-a-ack—and going on Celebrity Rehab. He already went to rehab (his mom cut off his trust fund to force it) and has now been off heroin for a month. As soon as he got out, he asked his girlfriend to marry him, and Paris and Nicky Hilton to be bridesmaids. [P6]
  • Speaking of Celebrity Rehab and the eigth ring of D-list celebreality hell, supermodel of yore and former America's Next Top Model judge Paulina Porizkova asks, "What are fallen celebrities to do if they're too vain to get fat and too paranoid to get strung out on drugs?" Write forlorn blog posts for Modelinia, apparently. [P6]
  • Meanwhile, Liza Minnelli "flipped out" over TMZ's claim that she'd do Celebrity Rehab for $500,000. She won't. In other news, how good is Celebrity Rehab's PR team? It's like every other gossip headline is about them, and they haven't even started shooting the show, yet. [TMZ]
  • A hedge funder bid $5000 for a lunch date with Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, but she has to wear a nurse uniform because "for heterosexual males, the nurse part was more exciting" than her title. Sounds like he's forgoing the usual date auction protocol of pretending it bears no resemblance to sex work. [P6]
  • The late Dennis Hopper has been laid to rest in New Mexico. His son read from Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass." Jack Nicholson and Val Kilmer were in attendance. Hopper died of prostate cancer. [Popeater]