The civil rights crusaders at Spike are empowering little people worldwide with its newest show. "Half-pint Brawlers" is a reality series about dwarf professional wrestlers, and it will undoubtedly some day be seen as the little person's own Negro League.

Little people just want to show they can do anything big people can. We've already got "Little People, Big World," showing how a little person's family isn't any different than any American's. Obviously, the next logical step is professional wrestling. "Half-pint Brawlers" follows a midget wrestling troupe as they travel America and do things like staple money to each other's genitals and bash heads in with trash cans. (The troupe's unabashed use of the word "midget" has them at odds with the Little People's Association—the rest of it they're cool with though.) In the first episode "the guys haze the rookie in the crew, nicknamed Turtle, with extreme manscaping," according to the LA Times. Idiotic little people—they're just like idiotic big people!

Thank you, SpikeTV, for promoting harmony between little people and 13 year-old boys everywhere. [LAT]