Bedford Avenue accessories-and-trinkets shop Catbird seems to have been burgled recently by a tiny accidental crook. On their blog, the store published this mea culpa from a child who walked off with a locket without paying.

Here's the full text, in case you can't read the handwriting:

Dear Catbird people,

Sorry I took the locket. My sister said what is a good Mother's Day gift that day I thought that the locket would be a great present so I picked one and I didn't known that they cost anything so I put it in my pocket.

[Name withheld]

The thing is, Catbird really is an excellent place to buy a Mother's Day present for a hipster mom. This kid's sister has good taste!

Little Thief [Catbird]

[Republished from Authored by Izzy Grinspan. Image via Catbird]