Having just gotten over the whole slave emancipation insult, the American South now finds itself mired in another fierce debate: should black people be allowed in my club? What about on a jury? With white folks?!

Fun fact, courtesy of the Washington Post: in Kentucky, they're still not so sure that the black folks should be able to join the private clubs where the white folks go to play golf, drink mint juleps, and fuck young boys smuggled in from Thailand (we're guessing? It's private, so no one knows for sure). Well, we exaggerate; some of these clubs have been totally integrated for upwards of six months now.

The [Idle Hour Country Club in Lexington] accepted its first black member — retired NBA player Sam Bowie, who attended the University of Kentucky and is well known in Lexington — in November. "Sam's just like everybody else," Scott said.

They love Sam over there! Indeed, unlocking the door and allowing a large black man to enter puts this country club ahead of the entire US legal system down south, where, a new study finds, blacks are routinely stricken from juries at astronomical rates for reasons like...well, "In South Carolina, a prosecutor said he struck a black potential juror because he 'shucked and jived' when he walked."

Haha. It's so crazy that you really have to laugh, assuming you're a white guy living in New York City. Jesus, the South is almost as racist as Massachusetts!

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