A new University of Washington poll found that many Tea Partiers believe "lesbians and gays have too much political power," and that despite hating our new commie government, they want Medicare and Social Security to remain in place.

The poll, conducted in May, surveyed 1,695 voters over the phone. 35 percent of those questioned "strongly" or "somewhat" support the Tea Party movement. So what else did the pollsters from UW find out? The Seattle Times spoke with University of Washington political science professor Matt Barreto, who told the paper:

The data tells us this opposition and frustration with government is going hand in hand with a frustration and opposition to racial and ethnic minorities and gays and lesbians."

Shocking! The poll asked questions about race, gay rights, and immigration. 88 percent of voters polled who said they support the Tea Party also support Arizona's new racial profiling law. And 52 percent agreed with the statement, "compared to the size of their group, lesbians and gays have too much political power." Damn straight! The underdog, grass roots Tea Party movement is under threat from growing numbers of gays, blacks and Mexicans, all of whom want to spoil White Culture for future generations of Americans. And there's something even more sinister brewing inside the Obama White House—he's spending your hard earned money on "the others":

The tea party movement is not just about small government or frustration. It's (also) about a very specific frustration with government resources being used on minorities and gays and lesbians and people who are more diverse."

No wonder overnight politicians like Rand Paul and druggie Tim D'Annunzio have gained so much support from disenfranchised white people. Only they can reverse this liberal trend and restore the principals of our Founding Fathers, back to the days when slavery was all the rage and homosexuality didn't exist.

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