Help. Quick. Someone alert the authorities, because there is clearly something in Los Angeles' water supply that makes people constantly exercise bad judgment. Thanks to Brody and Kristin, tonight's episode of The Hills was concrete evidence to support this claim.

Oh, Kristin. Poor Kristin. Are you ever going to learn? Was being publicly humiliated by Brody Jenner not enough for you? Are the Bromancer's charms too powerful for you to resist? It would seem so. The "I love you" apology is always a last resort in a crowded bar, far more likely to blow up in your face than it is to actually work. But it worked! Is it that mysterious golden-yellow liquid you keep drinking from that bulbous, long stemmed glass that allows Brody to keep winning you over in the game of love? Or were you just frustrated that your "manhunts" were fruitless? We may never know.