Last night was the season premiere of True Beauty on ABC. Contestants are fooled into believing they're competing to be the "face of Las Vegas," but in reality they're be judged on their inner beauty, we think... Show highlights inside.

True Beauty consists of hosts, Carson Kressley and Beth Ostrosky, Vanessa Minnillo as judge, and ten prototypical, aspiring reality-TV-stars. My two favorites are Liz and David:

The first challenge was to create a Vegas alter-ego with the help of a stylist, who's really an actress hired to try to coax the contestants into shoplifting, and those who stole obviously had less "true beauty," right? Well, not really because in the end Liz, who was most adamant to steal, won the challenge by making herself the sexiest. JD, even though he morally redeemed himself in the end, was sent home.