Real Housewife Countess LuAnn de Lesseps' first music video was leaked last week. After wondering what she did to get her face to look so different, we talked to the creative director of the shoot. He revealed all.

We got several emails over the weekend from a wonderful man named Jersey (ne James Murray) claiming to be the creative director on the video shoot for the Countess' aural abomination "Money Can't Buy You Class." He normally does sets and styling for photo shoots and this was his first music video, a gig he says he got through a friend of his who is a music promoter. Our first question, of course was how he got her skin to look so fresh and preternaturally smooth? Lighting? Makeup? Botox? A virgin sacrifice to dark lord Satan?

Nothing out of the ordinary. My makeup artist and hair people are truly talented, and Luann is very pretty in person already. The point of a video is to choose best lighting, angles, etc., but nothing out of the ordinary.

There you go, the secret to LuAnn's superhuman appearance is just "natural beauty." Sorry, Jersey, but we just don't believe you. But it's nice of you to keep a secret!

Speaking of which, Jersey says that he wasn't the one made the video public and that he has no idea who did. We are going to have to go with the he-who-smelt-it-dealt-it theorem here. After all, he's the only one trying to profit from its release. If only he had learned some elegance from the song or read LuAnn's book of etiquette. Tact may be acquired, but it is often at odds with self-promotion, which seems to be Jersey's favorite activity. After you check out his rather classy website Style by Jersey (oxymoron?), look at the wonderful Q&A he sent around to media outlets looking to get attention for himself, the venue where the video was filmed, the designer of the clothes, and the hair and makeup team: