MMA fighter Jarrod Wyatt has been charged with the most violent murder of the year after allegedly cutting an 18-inch hole in sparring partner Taylor Powell's chest, tearing his heart and tongue out, and ripping his face off while shrooming.

According to the Sgt. Elmwood Lee of California's Del Norte County Sheriff's office, Lee arrived at the scene of carnage to find Wyatt covered in dried blood, uttering "I killed him."

Lee was able to cuff Wyatt without incident, and then he proceeded to look at the body on the couch. The body had had the majority of its face removed, and an 18-inch incision in its chest cavity. Lee said that he did not attempt first aid because he could see the man was dead.

In continued rambling, Lee said that Wyatt told him that "Satan was in that dude."

Lee said that Wyatt told him he'd done some bad things, and that he'd cut Powell's heart out and burned it because he felt that Powell was still alive and he was trying to "stop the devil."

Wyatt's lawyer says his client suffered a "psychotic break." The prosecutor says cutting out someone's heart, tongue, and face takes a long time and thus proves sustained intent. Hopefully Wyatt pleads out, because forcing jurors to look at these crime scene pictures will cause the worst case of heebie-jeebies ever. [NYDN, Times-Standard]