Huzzah, it's time for another risible media query from Help a Reporter Out, where flacks and desperate journalists connect. Put on your thinking caps: Can you come up with a bright side to this oil spill? Anyone? [UPDATED below].

1) Summary: The Good Side of the Oil Spill

Name: Gary Hewing (CNN)
Category: Biotech and Healthcare


Media Outlet: CNN

Deadline: 04:00 PM EST - 2 June


Looking for pitches: The Good Side of the Oil Spill - if there is

Does this post count?

UPDATE: HARO is a wonderful source of idiot press queries, but this one may not be real. CNN PR man Nigel Pritchard emails us: "Gary Hewing is not a CNN employee - and never has been. He is not working on CNN's behalf and should not be identified as such. It is a real shame no one bothered to check the facts with us first." Indeed, although there is a Twitter account for Gary Hewing (CNNGary) which says he books shows for CNN Radio, we can't find any other documentation of him being employed by CNN. Regarding Hewing's purported employer, Pritchard says "CNN has taken action in regards to a radio station that brands itself 'CNN 650 Houston' however we do not know if Gary Hewing is affiliated with that radio station." Gary, if you're out there with anything to say, email me.

[Update: Hey CNN, Doonesbury is here to help.]