Would you like to hear the romantic story of "James" and "Maura," the Irish couple who fell in love and had a child after meeting at a nightclub? What if I told you that "James" and "Maura" were half-siblings?

"James" and "Maura" (not their real names) met "several years ago" at a nightclub. They had grown up in towns 100 miles apart, but

They were instantly smitten and so strong was their mutual attraction that just one week later they both felt they'd known each other for a lifetime. Recalling the first time they met, James explained...

'We got on very well. We are very similar in what we like and dislike. We really hit it off. We agreed on everything. I'd been in relationships before but I just knew this was different. We met that night and after a week it felt like we'd known each other forever.'

Maura became pregnant two years later, and the two moved in together. If you were only interested in the fun romantic part, stop reading now! Because here comes the part that makes you feel funny inside:

‘My mother was by herself and I was just going to call in and see her before Christmas,' said James. ‘That was it. I started to tell her about my girlfriend and our child.

'She asked me who my girlfriend's parents were, what their names were. She asked me what was my girlfriend's father's name was, where was he from and what did he do.

‘My mother got hysterical. She just put her hands on her face and said: "You're not serious." I thought: "She has lost it."

Can you guess why mom felt upset? Yes: It's because James and Maura have the same dad. See, James' mom became pregnant at age 19 by a man who she broke up with soon afterward. By the time James was born, she was involved with another man, who was named as the father on James' birth certificate. James' real father, meanwhile, had moved away and started his own family—including a baby girl named "Maura" (or whatever her real name is).

DNA testing has since confirmed that their relationship is really gross. Don't worry, though! They plan on having more kids.

The two are blaming "the courts" for the wacky incest mix-up. But let's get real here: The lesson is, never, ever have a child with someone you meet at a nightclub.

[Daily Mail; pic, not of "James" and "Maura," via Getty]